How Home Solar Panels Work

Solar Panels

On a sunny day, the panels will feed electricity into the grid, and at the end of the day you may have generated more electricity than the building has used. Solar Perth During the summer months, if energy consumption is low, you may actually receive a check. That being said, for the month as a whole, the building will probably still end up using more energy than the panels have generated, so the electrical company will not actually cut you a check.

What if it is cloudy for a long period of time?
Solar panels continue to produce energy on cloudy days although their output is reduced. Because the building’s electrical system is still connected to the power grid, you will never lose power from lack of sunlight.

Can every building have solar panels?
Every building could have solar panels installed, but there are many factors that go into determining if it is cost effective. A building with a large roof facing south and unobstructed by trees is the best candidate for solar panels. Our in-house solar engineer will examine your home or business and decide if it is cost effective to add solar panels.

Do I need a new electrical system?
If the building’s current electrical system is deemed unsafe then it will need to be replaced, but provided that your current system is up to code, you will not need a new electrical system. Solar panels are connected through the existing system at the electrical panel.

Do I need a new roof?
Solar panels do not require a new roof; however, if you need a new roof after the panels are installed, this can be very expensive. We recommend that if you have not had your roof replaced in the past 10 years, that you do so prior to installing the solar panels. Once installed the panels will actually improve the life of the roof by blocking rain and UV rays.

How long do solar panels last?
A quality set of panels have a manufacturer warranty of 25 years, but they are expected to last 40 years or more.

How much energy can I expect to save?
It’s very common that adding solar panels to a building lowers the energy costs by 50% or more. So imagine cutting your energy bill in half for the next 25 years!